Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School Backpack Fashion!


Fashion doesn't end with good clothes, shoes, and accessories, everything counts even a great backpack. SO, make sure to keenly choose a backpack that goes with your personality and talk a ton about it. Flaunt latest trend and make an impressive statement by carrying your school supplies in style with new back to school backpack trends. Read more...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spa Look Coupons: $20 Off or $50 Off!

Getting ready for outdoor party, picnic or a day at beach? Be aware fashionista!! It’s too hot outside, and increased heat & sweating can cause damage to your beautiful skin. This season, make sure you invest in some high quality and effective skin care products that will keep your skin healthy and fresh. Don’t worry ladies!! You don’t have to go to the mall in order to fetch best skin care products as is here to provide you with a great opportunity to pick favorite beauty essentials and anti-aging skincare items without leaving your home.

spa look promotion code

  • Euoko A-20 Matte Water: Matte Water is part of Euoko’s A Series, which deviates from aggressive, mainstream acne solutions that use benzoyl peroxide, oxygen peroxide or industrial antimicrobial agents, which can be harsh or harmful to skin.
  • Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder: Turbo booster c powder, a morning treatment, was originally formulated for medical market for treatment of all skin types. It is first and only 100% potency, guaranteed stable, vitamin c product that can be used alone or mixed with any of your favorite products to instantly convert them into a state-of-the-art vitamin c formula.
  • Neogyn Vulvar Soothing Cream: Neogyn is a cosmetic cream that helps to soothe and comfort vulva. Formulated with cutaneous lysate, this biotechnologically derived blend of soothing components was discovered in Switzerland after years of wound healing. Cream is free of estrogen and is easily applied. Get inside...

Get Ready With Friendship Day Gifts!

Dedicate this week to your friends! Friendship Day, celebrated on first Sunday in August is just around the corner. It's time to celebrate most incredible relationship we share with some ordinary yet special people called FRIENDS. This day gives an opportunity to appreciate our best buddies, who fight with us, are our guilty mirrors, pull our legs, motivates us to do better, pat our backs, and, are always ready to offer a hand saying "May I."

gift tree coupons

Raise a toast for your dear friend by planning an exciting weekend that will help reviving those sweet childhood memories or jesting college days. Here are some quick ways you can consider while making this day special for your buddy:

Simplest way is to go traditional! Send Friendship Day gifts, cards, flowers, wrist bands or more to your pal. Market is stocked up with wide variety of presents. From personalized gifts to jewelry, greeting cards to ecards, and flower & chocolates to cookies & desserts, there are endless options available. Go buy your budget and taste.

Plan a weekend getaway! Check for each-other's schedule and book a fabulous weekend holiday to freshen your bond of companionship. Use travel coupons to make your trip wallet-friendly.

Bake a yummy cake or cook his/her favorite recipes to fascinate your buddy (buddies) that you still remember everything about him/her.

Buy similar outfits for both of you to hang out.

Throw a party! Call all your friends and have a blast full day. A party like this will surely be appreciated when you have hardly any time of yourselves. It will be good see the complete college gang together after a long time. Read more...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Justice Storewide Sale: 40% Off!

Back to School fashion shopping is the buzz among teenagers. Everyone will agree that fashion is for girls. Here’s a big news for tween girls looking out for fancy clothing and accessories. Young divas favorite brand and store, Justice is up with a Storewide Sale captivating all tween girl shoppers to snag some interesting and trendy back to school must-haves.

justice storewide sale

Making headline in Coupon of the Day, Justice is ready to rock the girls with breathtaking styles. Donning cutest look is fun when you can save incredible 40% on any order. Want silly graphic tee, bright sportswear, girly dress, or more, shop now at to snatch everything you love.

Girls! Latest Back To School fashion trends are waiting for you at store. New colored, patterned & embellished denim, denim jackets & shirts, critter or sparkling tees & tops, lacy skirts, floral prints, fancy footwear, and more, store’s digital shelves are packed with everything you need to be talk of the school. Justice school uniform for girls will delight any tween diva. From straight-leg khaki pants to super-soft short-sleeve polos to active wear perfect for gym or sports practice, get an ultimate collection of uniform staples. Get inside...

10 Ways To Save Money On Restaurant Bills!

Dining out at local restaurants is just irresistible for most of us. Well it's the easiest way to fill an empty stomach and get relief from the trouble of cooking and cleaning dishes. Moreover nothing is better than an outing with a good meal and conversation shared with loved ones. Unfortunately; eating out can be a strain to a monthly budget leaving you with a little lighter purse.But now without any hurdles in next meal out; one can still save heavy bucks on a restaurant bill.

save money at restaurant

Set a limit: This should be the foremost task when it comes to saving money while eating out. Set aside a maximum possible amount beyond which you won't be spending at a lounge restaurant. Before deciding a restaurant; set a maximum limit if one is keen to save.

Have a lunch outside - not dinner: Lunch menus are 20 percent less expensive than a dinner menu. It's better to plan a lunch outside with your friends or family than to have meals during overcrowded nights. Many restaurants offer great deals during afternoon on same meal which they serve for dinner. For substantial savings; go for lunch specials!!!

Dine during mid-weeks: Quit dining out during weekends if possible. Many restaurants offer mid-week offers to enable customers dine on slower nights usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reason behind this is low patronage on these days as compared to Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Read more...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Discount School Supply Back To School Supplies: 15% Off

Back to school shopping is in full swing. Parents of little ones are hunting for best online deals that will help them get ready to go back to the school in great style. These days, back-to-school shopping is more than new dresses or some latest pairs of shoes. Today, little boys and girls want to get their hands on new, high quality school supplies, along with eye-catching uniforms or backpacks. So, it’s time to motivate your kids for new session with best school supplies that won’t break the bank.

discount school supply coupon

Colorations Regular Crayons – Set of 8: These beautiful, bright crayons offer exceptional quality for an incredibly low price. Sturdy box contains 8 classic colors featuring black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, violet and yellow for full, brilliant coverage.

Colorations 8 Best Value Watercolor Paint & Refill Sets: Economical, refillable watercolors. 8 colors in plastic case with brush sold individually. Refills sold individually or in sets of 6 and do not include brushes. Non-toxic.

Germ-X 40 oz. Hand Sanitizer: Keep your classroom protected from germs with Germ-X Hand Sanitizer and Hand and Face Wipes. It contains Vitamin E for conditioning hands and comes in an oversized 40 oz. pump bottle for months of classroom use.  Read more...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Express Coupons: $25 Off or $50 Off!

Expensive mobile phones may be the biggest buzz among folks these-days but watches are still on wish list of every fashion-conscious woman. Wrist watches are one of the hottest accessories in fashion world that add an instant splash of class and lavish style to one’s personality. Express – sexy, sophisticated fashion brand brings awesome collection of inexpensive watches to spruce up your favorite outfits.

express watches

Multi-function stainless & ceramic bracelet watch: Time is fully on your side with a precision watch this fabulously swanky. Glossy ceramic insets on a bezel and bracelet of gold bonded stainless steel create a luxe mix of color and texture, but it’s too irresistible to save for special occasions.

Pave and mother of pearl analog bracelet watch: Present a pretty new face to world. A warm Mother of Pearl face surrounded by pave crystal sparkle brings purely feminine shine to a classic style with reliable quartz analog movement.

Multi-function chain link bracelet watch: How’s this for perfect timing? High performance Japanese quartz movement combines with gleam of a status-sized link chain bracelet to deliver precision with classically sophisticated style.  Read more...

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Coupon: $25 Off $100 or More!

It’s July!! The month to wear Ruby – “the king of gems.” Ruby gemstone represents devotion, romance, desire and passion, and is perfect to don on fun and colorful days of summer. This season, don’t settle for normal. Instead, clutch on bright and glamorous ruby jewelry to keep all eyes on you. Popular jewelry store, Ice is bringing a hot coupon to help you shop mesmerizing ruby jewelry without breaking the bank. ruby jewelry

2 1/7 Carat Created Ruby and White Sapphire 10K White Gold Pendant with Chain: Style this rich red ornament with a low v neck for maximum effect. A sultry oval shaped created red ruby is balanced with an icy created white sapphire totaling 2 1/7 carats in polished 10K white gold.

1 5/8 Carat Created Ruby and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring: One look at this darling ring makes our heart skip a beat. With its intertwined sterling silver band, deep red ruby heart shaped stone and sparkling diamond accents, it is definitely a keeper.

3 1/2 Carat Created Ruby and Diamond Sterling Silver Earrings: Let the glamorous beauty of these delightful drop earrings completely seduce you. With their round created ruby accents, diamond detailing and unique sterling silver construction, these beauties make the ultimate sophisticated statement. Get inside...

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013!

Video games have always been the favorite form of entertainment for kids and youth alike. They relieve from stress after a hectic day. Instead of playing outdoor and indoor games; people always switch to video games whenever they get time. Moreover everyone wants to experience in real what one sees in movies whether those are fighting scenes or adventurous stuff. To have this real time experience; there is increasing craze for 3D video games. In today's tech-world of laptops, smartphones etc. everyone is still crazy for higher version of video games i.e. Play stations, Xbox 360 etc.

video games 2013

Cashing in on this gaming craze is not only during summer vacations; but people like to play every time they are free. Well here is a list of most anticipated video games of 2013:

Metro (Last Light)
This game is follower of Metro 2033 and is very engaging. It is a tale of a ranger 'Arytom' who is responsible for leading a missile attack against a race called the dark ones. Struggle heats up as they fight for having control over some weapons of a top secret military installation. Player has to guide Arytom to find a key figure in the metro. 

Resident Evil: Revelations (2013)
This game is a worthy investment for those who appreciate spine- chilling enemy designs. Game environment has done a great job by showing off improved graphical fidelity; moreover it has fuzzy- looking textures all around. 

Far Cry 3
This game is all about trip to endlessly captivating and fully realized tropical nightmare. Being an open world game; it revolves around one's horrific journey into depth of his violence. Story missions are varied, tight and well-written and are extremely focused to keep the pace moving. It is one of the best games of the year!!!  Read more...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Money Saving Tips On Food And Grocery Bills!

Nothing is more disheartening than to see your rising monthly expense on food and grocery. It's quite disappointing to know unexpected rise in food prices specially these days when one is striving to make both ends meet. Fortunately; one can make his bank account healthy by cutting daily expense incurred on grocery market. Well no one wants to make compromises when it comes to healthier food choices; but now without giving up your desire to eat healthy; you still can save money on supermarket bills through some money saving ideas.

It's the biggest misconception that one can't have quality food on a tight spending plan. To trim down those bills; catch up with some saving tips:

food and grocery savings

Create A Budget: The foremost way that lead to considerable savings on grocery shopping is to prepare a budget. Set a maximum limit beyond which you won't be permitting yourself to spend on weekly grocery and food items. From knowledge of amount spent in previous week or month plus deducting the amount on unnecessary items; create a weekly/monthly budget. Consider shopping for food coupons to gain benefit in this regard.

Make A Menu Plan: It's quite obvious to prepare a list of items before shopping for them. Not only this; prepare a weekly menu of what you are going to cook the coming week. This will not only cancel out any extra trip to the market but one would certainly not end up buying unnecessary things. 

Cut Back, Substitute And Go Veggie: Snacking is the food expense we always overlook. Part with junk food, snacks and other stuff and this will not only slash grocery bills but will also allow one to stay healthy. Substitute water for soda and doing it just once a day will let you shed $30 per month. Trim meat, fish, chicken and stick to vegetarian diet; or consume it twice or thrice a month only. Substitute tofu for expensive chicken breasts or meat. Best is to use meat as an accent in meals if you can't skip it. Read more...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back To School Shopping at Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic

Back to school shopping is getting heated up with money saving coupons and deals from various stores. Getting crowned with Coupon of the Day, three famous sister stores – Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic are once again rolling in with new savvy offers, you can’t miss. Yummy mummies! Hold your chairs tight, as these leading fashion stores have announced unbeatable back to school savings so that you can pick up some fun and inexpensive kids items for little ones.

back to school coupons 2013

Uniform Peter Pan collar shirt: This white shirt features short sleeves with keyhole button closures, shirred detailing at shoulders and front yoke seam. It has Peter Pan collar, button front and patch pocket at chest with ruffle trim.

Star print rolling backpack: A perfect backpack for a fashion-obsessed child. Roomy interior, fits standard school books and binders. Detachable and adjustable padded straps can be stored in interior back pocket.

Neon pleated skirt: Get ready to go back to school! Punch up your outfit with neon extras. Bonus! Perfect on free-dress Fridays. It features banded waist with decorative buttons at side, pleated skirt detailing and concealed zip closure at side.  Get inside...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back To School Fashion Trends 2013!

Youngsters have begun making shopping trips to their favorite stores, as Back to School season will soon be here. But it's never too early for them to start picking right fashionable gear and school supplies to show off a trendy fashion statement while walking through the corridors, attending a class or playing in ground. Back To School 2013 is going to be exciting in terms of fashion with fresh hues, bold prints, bigger accessories, new silhouettes, and stunning shoes.

back to school

Must-Have Jeans or Pants: Fashion can't be discussed without mentioning denim, and a great pair of jeans is a staple for both boys & girls. Colorful and printed skinny jeans or pants are something popping up everywhere this season. A great pair of skinny summer jeans or trousers works well for every figure type. Scroll through Gap coupons, Aeropostale discounts, or Cookies Kids promo codes for snapping amazing pair for jeans.

Trendy Shoes: Believe it or not from boots and booties to oxfords and loafers; shoe style trends are endless. Shoes are most important part of an outfit, as they can instantly add a dash of class and style to it. Wedges, flats, sneakers, pumps, and high heels are first priority for girls, while boys can freak out in cool athletic shoes, boat shoes, clogs, and more. 

Dresses, Tops and Jackets: Flaunt right fashion through hallway in bold floral or tribal printed tops. Stylish stripes and colorblocking are other hottest styles to don while you are getting geared up for going back to college. Tight to loose fit, couple any colorful top with skinny jeans to enhance your look further. Read more...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bath & Body Works Hot Summer Sale!

Stylize your look with a spectrum of bright summertime hues and fresh fragrances. Fruity floral scent infused shower gels, body care, candles, hair care, and more will impress anyone around. It’s time to score big at Bath And Body Works, while stocking up amazing beauty products for dog days of summer.

bath body works summer sale

Bath & Body Works is holding biggest July event with its Hot Summer Sale. Grab your hands on a twist of luscious fruits and fresh floral fragrance combinations that will leave your skin soft and supple. Save up to 75% on select items while supplies last. Body lotions, shower gels, body creams, fine fragrance mists, wallflowers, aroma candles, hand soaps, or more, there’s variety of skincare and beauty products available under this sale.

Want to be an enticing treat with marvelous fragrances, set up a fruity ambiance with coolest candles, or add a splash of color to your sink, now is the time to do it all. Get over 30 exclusive scents you won’t find anywhere else at such sweet price. You can save up to $9 on select Signature Body Care items and order them for only $5. Celebrate season with refreshing aromas and save 50% on select 3-Wick candles and save $6.50 on Wallflowers 2-pack Refills, get for only $6.  Read more...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Soma Intimates Coupon: 10% Off Regular Price Items

Want to grab lingerie & intimate apparel that are not short on fashion and budget? Right now, skate over to to steal sexy discounted lingerie that suit many shapes and sizes. Soma Intimates – one stop destination for comfortable and high quality undergarments & relaxation wear brings exclusive women’s lingerie collection featuring glamorous yet comfy styles that offer flattering fit and sensual fashion.

Make your way to Soma store to enjoy unbeatable discount on your faves. Yes! As for now, store is providing with savings of 10% on regular price items. Freshen up your lingerie wardrobe with latest styles and designs to ensure you will look and feel flirty all day long.

soma store coupon

To add some va va voom to lingerie collection, Soma is enchanting all beautiful ladies to shop worth-grabbing Embraceable Multi Way Bra. Dress your curves in this super-stylish and ultra-soft bra which comes with two pairs of removable, adjustable straps that will give endless options for a smooth, no-show look. Every component of Embraceable bra is engineered for the ultimate in softness, using the softest microbrushed fabric and brushed inner cup lining. Read more...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Save Up To 50% on 1800 Flowers Summer Roses!

We all love roses. They are most popular flowers for showing your emotions of love, affection, care, grief, happiness or more. An epitome of love & romance, rose also signifies truth, joy, purity and optimism. Different colors of roses have a different tale to tell, but with one common conclusion – make recipient smile.

Expressions of Pink
Expressing your feelings should always be this easy. Let this beautiful arrangement send the right message, with its stunning fresh pink blooms, including roses, lilies, carnations and more, creatively hand-arranged by florists inside a classic vase. Sophisticated and stylish, it’ll have them smiling no matter what the occasion.

expressions of pink

Summer Rose & Peruvian Lily Bouquet
Send smiles this season with this colorful combo. Six vibrant assorted roses and ten striking white Peruvian lilies make an ideal mix of classic and exotic beauty. Just what they need to have an unforgettable Summer day. Send a Deluxe gift of two gorgeous bouquets and make their day truly memorable.

summer rose-peruvian lily bouquet

Surprise your sweetheart with gorgeous summer roses from 1800 Flowers and he/she will love you even more. Celebrate sunny days and cool nights with flowers that are sure to improve your relationship. Read more...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ashford Foredoom Sale: up to $1400 Off!

Though wrist watches are no more considered as gear to keep an eye on time, yet they are major ingredient of your look offering a ton of style. Luxurious designer watches have become a staple of every wardrobe for their incredible sophistication and elegance. A branded watch on your wrist will scream a lot about your personal styling and attitude you carry.

ashford foredoom sale

This Independence Day, show off your fashionable side through timeless watches with stunning design. What’s more amazing is that you need not spend fortunes to get that million dollar look. Pioneering online retailer of luxury watches and other luxury goods, Ashford is proudly announcing Freedom Sale to beat the drums for July 4th. Stash upon this opportunity to save up to $1400. Yes! You can fetch huge discounts on watches from leading names like Calvin Klein, Bulgaria, Hamilton, Emporio Armani, Golana Swizz, Zenith, and more. is offering buy more save more coupons under its 4th of July sale along with Free Shipping on any order. From casual and ultra-fashion to sporty, find gorgeous wrist watches for every budget and taste. These oh-so-trendy timepieces are perfect blend of tradition, innovation and elegance spiced up with contemporary styling. Get inside...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nautica July 4th Event + Summer Sale!

Independence Day is not just bringing colorful fireworks, entertaining parades, sizzling grill food, and parties. But a ton of savings with July 4th coupons giving good enough reason to shoppers for picking their favorite stuff without spending fortunes. Swim over to famous fashion store and brand, Nautica, providing a superb Summer Sale.

nautica summer sale

Ravish deeper markdowns on Nautica Summer Sale, featuring stylish clothing and accessories to flaunt a powerful fashion statement. Get savings up to 50% on designer outfits for men, women, boys and girls. Dive into great new selection of chic tees, polos, shorts, swimwear, dresses, accessories, and more. These captivating numbers are ready to dress entire family from backyard barbecues to seaside adventures. Clutch your favorite Summer styles before they are gone for good, thru 07/02.

At you will get a few other interesting savings under Forth of July. Buy more and save more at store in three amazing ways. Take extra 20% discount on two items, extra 30% off three items, or save extra 40% on order of four or more items. Get inside...

Important Things To Do Before Leaving For Vacations!

Packed your bags? Ready to go on a holiday trip? Going out for family summer vacation is real fun. But there's a big list of tasks and chores that need to be taken care of before stepping out.

In addition to enjoyment, long travel brings stress of leaving home unsecure. Whether you are going for a long weekend holiday or month-long getaway, this handy traveling checklist will let you take a break with peace of mind.

travel checklist
  • Alert your credit card company and bank about your travel dates and locations. There are many banks and credit card companies that deny charges in popular foreign locations without prior information of travel plans. 
  • Pay off all utility bills especially if you are on a month long holiday trip (or even more). Arrange for pre-payment of mortgage or rents, and other utilities. This will prevent utilities from shutting-off.
  • Make sure you carry all important travel documents including passport, driving license, and medical insurance cards. Confirm your reservations and if possible opt in for e-tickets rather than paper tickets. Check your credit cards are working and do take a listing of 800 numbers to call in case of theft or loss.
  • Check your cell phone plan covers you while you are on the go, so its service is not disrupted. Inquire if you can get any short-term international usage plan for avoiding higher charges. Read all tips...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Aromatic with Summer Fragrances 2013 For Women!

Expensive branded clothing, sparking jewelry, gorgeous shoes, stylish handbags, colorful accessories, and………! Forgetting something on your shopping list? A top designer perfume is a must have for every fashionista. Whether you a college teenager, working woman, socialite, or simply a homemaker, an attractive fragrance can step up your style game. Fragrances and perfumes offer easiest way to look glamorous and turn heads through alluring aroma.

Britney Spears Island Fantasy

Britney Spears Island Fantasy EDT
For all female fans of Britney Spears, it’s time to update their wardrobe with Britney Spears’ new fragrance – Island Fantasy released in April 2013. Bring the magic of island escape to your everyday life with this fruity floral summer fragrance. Island Fantasy inspired by Britney’s ideal paradise; an island where she loves relaxing with all dear ones.

Vivamore Selena Gomez Perfume
Vivamore Selena Gomez Perfume
Selena Gomez continues the fragrance story with all new perfume for women – Vivamore that came on shelves June 2013. This bubbly, intoxicating and extremely floral fragrance illustrates the philosophy to “live life and love more.” Vivamore offers vibrant, cheerful freshness of watery melon and white tea, while pink lemonade draws you in to reveal an unexpected heart of timeless sophistication. Get inside...

Handbag Trends For Summer 2013

It’s a fact that every woman feels incomplete without a handbag; whether she is out for lunch or going to a glam night party. Nowadays, handbags have become the most favorite fashion accessory woman can’t live without. Handbags not only holds all the essentials but also create a powerful statement with right outfit. When it comes to most glamorous and stylish handbags, you can see them in hands of high profile celebs at LAX airport, saloon, restaurant or any red carpet event.

summer 2013 handbag color trends

For summer 2013, latest trends in handbags include floral styles, neon handbags, on-trend striped bags, sparkly clutches & more. Summer 2013 women’s handbags are sporty, ultra-modern and very incredible, perfect to give your accessories collection a style boost. So ladies, gear up to completely transform your outfit with handbag styles 2013 for any day and occasion.

Add A Pop Of Color: Time to swap classic black handbag for a fun and vibrant handbag! Bright handbags are one of the hottest trends in handbags for summer 2013. when summer arrives, everything seems so bright & cool and handbags with high-voltage shades are a great way to add a punch of color to everyday wardrobe. Daring color lovers can go for hot pink, tangerine, bright red, electric blue or neon yellow to spruce up any outfit for a serious impact. Read more...

Children’s Place Coupon: 20% Off

Summer is here and it’s too ho-ho-hot. Gear up to dress up your little ones in fresh and breezy dresses that make a fantastic choice for any occasion this season. It’s right time to brighten up the kids wardrobe with latest in kids clothing, shoes and accessories. Getting crowned with Coupon of the Day, Children’s Place - one stop shopping destination for kids of all ages is now rolling in with a hot coupon that any mum won’t want to miss.

childrens place coupon code june 2013

Butterfly ruffle dress: 
A pretty print and asymmetrical ruffles make this fresh dress a perfect choice for any girl! It features bright butterfly print, self ruffle at bodice, asymmetrical ruffles front and back hemline. It is designed in an above-the-knee length.

Mixed print tiered dress: 
A cute mixing of prints makes this a fresh boho style she’ll love to wear! It features self lining on front bodice, shoulder straps with adjustable sliders and elasticized at back bodice for a nice fit.

Ribbon pom pom dress: 
 Stay cool when weather heats up with ribbon pom pom dress. Very chic and girly, it has ruffle at chest with pom pom trim, neon ribbon trim at bottom tiersare features. Read more...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ProFlowers Coupon: 15% Off

Yippe! 4th of July is coming. What’s your plan for this Independence Day? Whether you are planning a get-together or decorating home with red, white and blue theme, make sure to steal some time for ordering July 4th gifts for loved ones. This 4th of July, shower your friends, family members or someone very special with fresh and colorful flowers from ProFlowers.

proflowers 4th of july 

A Dozen Hugs, a Dozen Kisses: A dizzying array of deep, robust color, the Hugs and Kisses bouquet contains one dozen tulips and one dozen iris, fresh from fields.

Joyful Bouquet: This mixed bouquet is sure to impress! It is crafted from our ever popular Stargazer lilies and blue iris, and is a spectacular way to celebrate any occasion! A great new baby gift, perfect for housewarmings, and “welcome home” events.

Deluxe Hugs and Kisses: This Deluxe Hugs and Kisses bouquet contains 20 ruby red tulips and 20 deep blue iris. One of our most popular bouquets, it captures many moods of heart, with sensual blue of iris balanced by heat and passion of red tulips. Read more...

4th Of July Decoration Ideas For Home!

4th of July - an amazing federal holiday, carries something for everyone. It's time of the year to celebrate with July 4th fireworks & parades, stellar picnics with friends & family, fresh aroma of barbeque, big gifts, and of-course lots of outdoor fun. On this widely publicized occasion show off your true colors and celebrate Independence Day with great enthusiasm & patriotic fervor.

4th of july decor

Check out these simple decoration tips and ideas for 4th of July celebrations:

Floral Arrangements: Make your celebration festive with beautiful fresh flower decorations in white, red and blue. Creatively arranged blooms like roses, carnations, lilies, daises, tulips, and more will add elegance and style to any space.  

Table Setting Decors: Table decoration forms central part of any celebration. Adorning tables with Stars and Stripes table cloths or other sheets depicting American symbols is a great idea. Add flair to it with patriotic table runner, eye-catching napkin rings and tableware.

Patriotic Lighting: Glow and glamor go hand in hand with striking lighting and candles. Reckoning festive touch to home decor becomes easy with breath taking lighting, offering lots of holiday gleam. You may use LED solar string strand lights to decorate home walls, doors, window panes, and other important areas.  Read more...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips To Stay Safe on Swim A Lap Day!

Summer is in the air! What’s better way to enjoy the season, than by being around water bodies. Playing at Water Park, beach, lake or pool is a real big treat on a hot day. As temperatures soar, it’s perfect time to celebrate Swim-a-Lap Day. Today is “Swim A Lap Day” that’s a fun filled day with plenty of health benefits. Take out your swimming suit and go dive in a pool to swim one or two or more laps.

swim a lap day

Swim-a-Lap Day is a great excuse to play with water, but as long as you stay safe around water. Here are some safety tips to look at before you go swimming:
  • Swim at pools and beaches supervised by lifeguards.
  • See and obey pool or beach rules.
  • Have the appropriate rescue equipment, life jackets, and a first aid kit.
  • Never go for swimming alone.
  • Keep constant checks on kids when they are near water, as they are many accidents of drowning kids.
  • Walk slowly near pool and don’t run.
  • Swim at a safer depth. If you are a learner, swim at shallow end.
  • Don’t eat or chew gum while swimming, as you can choke.
  • If you are at beach, avoid throwing broken glass bottles, as they don’t jell well with bare feet.
  • Do wear plenty of waterproof sunscreen with higher SFP before leaving home to protect skin from harmful ultra violet. Carry accessories like sunglasses and hats.
  • Don’t share your beach towels with anyone and many more...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Banana Republic Summer Sale + 30% Off Coupon!

Time for outdoor parties, nights outs, weekend getaways and holiday gatherings is here. With lots of parties and social events on the cards, you must be in need for some swanky summer staples. Clear your decks to update your warm weather wardrobe with chic, on-trend pieces for adding pizzazz to your look. As temperature soars boost up your style quotient with new designer clothing and accessories from a leading store & brand, Banana Republic.

banana republic sale 

With summer styles guaranteed to seek attention, Banana Republic is ones again enticing fashion-obsessed crowd with cool latest trends and hot savings. Banana Republic has marked down its inventory under Summer Sale showing price drop of up to 50%. Get it while it’s hot! Trendy must-haves for men, women and petites with 50% off are going to a be a great treat. Want to turn heads on beach or need to impress someone at work, find sassy designer outfits at can’t miss prices.

Sprinting to our Coupon of the Day, is providing another scrumptious weekend treat to its fans. Like other times, shop exclusively online to save 30% on full priced styles. Read more...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Save $15 on TJFormal Short Summer Dresses

With the official start of summer, your calendar is definitely going to overflow with lots of holiday themed events. Are you ready to mark your presence in most stylish dress that will make you talk of the town? All fashion-conscious divas! Get set to shop hot summer party looks at great value prices with a must-grab coupon offered by

tj formal dresses 2013

Hannah S Dress 27651: 
A short cocktail dress with a strapless neckline, beaded empire waist and pick-up skirt. An open lace-up back gives you control you need to make bodice fit you perfectly. Waist is empire – and a high waist flatters most figures. The bodice and fitted body through the hips are horizontal pleated. 

Sticks n Stones by Mori Lee Dress 9210: 
Dress up in this cute short ball gown. It features strapless, sweetheart neckline with a beaded bodice and natural waist. Short layered skirt is very pretty. Fabric in this style is beaded tulle.

Sticks n Stones by Mori Lee Dress 9207: 
This exquisite and alluring short strapless dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and jeweled edging and a layered short skirt. Fabric in this style is chiffon over tulle with beading. Read more...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Save Up To $100 With Musicians Friend Coupons

Are you a music enthusiast and love spending free time with your favorite musical instrument? If this is the case, you are in luck. Right now, leading online store, Musician’s Friend is popping up with hard-to-miss hot coupons letting you swap old musical instrument with brand new one without pinching the budget.
 musicians friend guitars

Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar: American Standard Stratocaster HSS is same great best-selling, high-output hot-rodded guitar it has always been, and now it’s upgraded with aged plastic parts and full-sounding Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s neck and middle pickups in addition to Diamondback humbucking bridge pickup.

Gibson Les Paul Junior Special with Humbuckers Electric Guitar: The marriage of its resonant mahogany body, sturdy glued-in Gibson neck, and now a pair of Gibson 490 humbucking pickups has created a guitar with surprising reserves of power and crunch at an extremely appealing price.

Epiphone Emperor Swingster Hollowbody Electric Guitar: Swingster guitar has a shorter 24-3/4″ scale that helps facilitate challenging jazz chord inversions. The body features a spruce top, a laminated birch/maple body and a 3-piece maple neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard. Read more...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Travelocity Summer Sale + Extra 10% Off Coupon!

Sun is shining bright. It’s time to pack your bags and plan a fascinating summer holiday trip to an enticing destination. Trust leading travel service provider, Travelocity for booking a budget-friendly vacation trip. An exciting travel makes you feel alive and rejuvenates your sense of wonder.

travelocity summer sale

Go and Seize the Summer with savings up to 50% on hotels and vacations. This year make best of Summer ever with Travelocity Summer Sale, and recreate memories of past vacations, or create new cherishable memories. There are multiple vacations ideas under this sale to suit every interest and budget. Explore beautiful historical cities of Europe, enjoy ocean breeze of the seaside, head to outdoors for your next adventure, ravish glam sites of the Big City or discover more exotic destinations. There is something to please everyone in your family this summer. Make your booking by 07/03 and travel by 07/31 to take advantage of this offer. Get inside...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for Men!

Shopping at Nordstrom is not just about females and kids, fashion forward men can too snap latest trends and styles. All fashionistos grab your chance to show off a refined style statement this season with new chic pieces. After women, it’s time for men to experience fashionable yet savvy shopping spree at, currently up with its Half Yearly Sale for Men.

nordstrom half yearly men sale

Be prepared to dress the gentleman in your life in classy, trendy apparel and accessories apt for 9 to 5, dinner parties, Independence Day get-togethers, outdoor trips, or more. Shop through this one of most awaited sale of the season for fetching stunning clothing, shoes and accessories.

Get dress to the nines with Nordstrom while savings up to 40% on fabulous pieces under half yearly sale. Step in summer with inevitable fashion outfits that are ought to make heads turn. Shop online as much as you want, and store will be delivering your stuff for $0.00 through its Free Shipping and Return offer. Get inside...

Tips for Planning a Perfect Wedding!

We all grow up with so many dreams and wedding is one of them. Walking down the aisle with someone you love is the most special moment of life. Whether you are bride-to-be or groom-to-be undoubtedly you must be a little nervous, enthusiastic and apprehensive. So, it's important to plan for making this day hassle free and memorable. Planning a wedding is both fun and stressful for anyone, as it's an official celebration of commitment and love. 

wedding planning 

Plan a Budget:
This is the most crucial part to start with, as to decide how much you want to spend on what. You should have an approximate figure in your mind of how much money you want to spend and accordingly divide it in different sections like venue, catering, clothing, decoration or more. Keep a check on how much you are spending and always find out ways to save money.

Decide Date and Venue:
Deciding date and venue for marriage is the cornerstone of the entire process. You can mutually decide upon a date for your big day. Once date has been fixed it's easy to finalize the venue. If you are religious, then church or other religious place is perfect location for the ceremony. Just in case you are foreseeing a unique romantic way to say "I Do," destination wedding is apt. Beach marriage at an exotic locale is another fascinating option.

Select Wedding Rings:
Aahhh! It's a symbol of commitment and promise of wedding bells ahead, so selecting the right one is crucial. There's vast assortment of rings in market to scroll through. From elegant wedding bands to solitaire rings, multi diamond rings, and more, choose one as per taste of your beloved and budget of-course. To celebrate this life's important milestones you can shop with Ice coupons to save up on this section. Read more...