Monday, July 29, 2013

10 Ways To Save Money On Restaurant Bills!

Dining out at local restaurants is just irresistible for most of us. Well it's the easiest way to fill an empty stomach and get relief from the trouble of cooking and cleaning dishes. Moreover nothing is better than an outing with a good meal and conversation shared with loved ones. Unfortunately; eating out can be a strain to a monthly budget leaving you with a little lighter purse.But now without any hurdles in next meal out; one can still save heavy bucks on a restaurant bill.

save money at restaurant

Set a limit: This should be the foremost task when it comes to saving money while eating out. Set aside a maximum possible amount beyond which you won't be spending at a lounge restaurant. Before deciding a restaurant; set a maximum limit if one is keen to save.

Have a lunch outside - not dinner: Lunch menus are 20 percent less expensive than a dinner menu. It's better to plan a lunch outside with your friends or family than to have meals during overcrowded nights. Many restaurants offer great deals during afternoon on same meal which they serve for dinner. For substantial savings; go for lunch specials!!!

Dine during mid-weeks: Quit dining out during weekends if possible. Many restaurants offer mid-week offers to enable customers dine on slower nights usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reason behind this is low patronage on these days as compared to Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Read more...

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