Thursday, July 25, 2013

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013!

Video games have always been the favorite form of entertainment for kids and youth alike. They relieve from stress after a hectic day. Instead of playing outdoor and indoor games; people always switch to video games whenever they get time. Moreover everyone wants to experience in real what one sees in movies whether those are fighting scenes or adventurous stuff. To have this real time experience; there is increasing craze for 3D video games. In today's tech-world of laptops, smartphones etc. everyone is still crazy for higher version of video games i.e. Play stations, Xbox 360 etc.

video games 2013

Cashing in on this gaming craze is not only during summer vacations; but people like to play every time they are free. Well here is a list of most anticipated video games of 2013:

Metro (Last Light)
This game is follower of Metro 2033 and is very engaging. It is a tale of a ranger 'Arytom' who is responsible for leading a missile attack against a race called the dark ones. Struggle heats up as they fight for having control over some weapons of a top secret military installation. Player has to guide Arytom to find a key figure in the metro. 

Resident Evil: Revelations (2013)
This game is a worthy investment for those who appreciate spine- chilling enemy designs. Game environment has done a great job by showing off improved graphical fidelity; moreover it has fuzzy- looking textures all around. 

Far Cry 3
This game is all about trip to endlessly captivating and fully realized tropical nightmare. Being an open world game; it revolves around one's horrific journey into depth of his violence. Story missions are varied, tight and well-written and are extremely focused to keep the pace moving. It is one of the best games of the year!!!  Read more...

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