Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unique and Perfect Disney Snowglobe at Disney Store

Snowglobe or snowdome is dome or transparent sphere at top with a flat-bottomed base. It is filled with mixture of water and little bit of antifreeze, which helps in keeping glitter or other materials suspended a bit longer, so that they fall more naturally and slowly.

Snowglobe is filled with glitter, plastic rings, or bits of white 'snow', along with a small scene or landscape of some sort. Disney Snowglobes are perfect gift for a disney fan ( kid or adult). Tiny little as well as big ones are incredible with more details on the outside than on inside of globe. They are available in variety of types and styles, which gives you advantage of choosing perfect one for your kid.

Sunflower Tinker Bell Snowglobe
: Take a break with butterflies and our Sunflower Tinker Bell Snowglobe. In a tender moment, pert pixie shares a dewdrop refreshment with her glittering butterfly friends over a sunny floral centerpiece.

Sunflower Tinker Bell SnowglobeOriginal price of Sunflower Tinker Bell Snowglobe at Disney Store is $79.50.

Personalized Thumper Snowglobe: Mrs. Rabbit tenderly teaches Thumper and his sisters how to get along in forest. Join these blissful bunnies in our sunny Personalized Thumper Snowglobe inspired by Walt Disney’s classic Bambi.

Personalized Thumper Snowglobe
Original price of Personalized Thumper Snowglobe at Disney Store is $59.50 but now you can have it for $49.99.

''Four Parks One World'' Walt Disney World Resort Snowglobe: Remember magic with this spectacular ''Four Parks One World'' Walt Disney World Resort Snowglobe featuring favorite Disney characters enjoying Parks. Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy are at center of things while Buzz Lightyear swivels around above and Monorail circles base of this fun snowglobe.

''Four Parks One World'' Walt Disney World Resort SnowglobeOriginal price of Walt Disney World Resort Snowglobe at Disney Store is $85.00.

These globes are timeless and enjoyed by everyone. Kids like them as they have their favorite Disney characters in their room while adults get impressed with attention to details and smile every time they look at it. If you are looking for perfect and unique gift for someone that has everything then Disney snowglobe is great choice!

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