Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Dispensers - Great for Office and Friendly for Environment

Clean, free from toxins and crystal clear water is what we all require. Water dispenser is a necessity for office in order to keep employees happy and healthy! One can have a Water Dispenser for clean drinking water or for quick and easy installation, Bottled Water Dispensers are best. Freestanding Water Dispensers are perfect for homes as well as offices. They are wonderful office appliance with outstanding features, great functionality and are a perfect solution for all drinking needs. These provide protection from harmful chemicals and bacteria while paving a way to stay strong, fit and healthy life. There are some filtration system available in stainless steel water reservoir making it more environment-friendly by cutting use of plastic bottles. They also save energy and space in office.

Cuisinart Clean Water Countertop Filtration System: Pour yourself a glass of fresh, clean, filtered water with a Cuisinart filtration system. Handy kitchen appliance doesn't require a refrigerator for cold water. Countertop water filtration system is attractively housed in brushed stainless steel. 1.5-gallon unit dispenses 800 ml of cold water (44 degrees F) or room-temperature filtered water. Countertop filtration system reduces contaminants that can alter taste and purity. Reduces chlorine by 97.5-percent, mercury by 92.8-percent, benzene by 84.1-percent, cadmium by 96.6-percent, copper by 85-percent, tetrachloroethylene by 92.5-percent and toluene by 89.8-percent. Included filter lasts for about 80 gallons or three to four months of average household use.

Cuisinart Clean Water Countertop Filtration System
Original price of Clean Water Countertop Filtration System at is $184.44 but you can have it for $102.99 and save 44%.

VBC2W Vitapur Water Cooler and Dispenser Bottle Cover: You can now hide your unsightly gallon water bottles with a bottle cover from Vitapur. Vitapur VBC2W will cover a bottle and make your water dispenser look sleek. Perfect for kitchens, recreational rooms, or office VBC2W will only add to decor of your room. With durable plastic there is no need to worry that cover may be knocked off and broken, VBC2W is durable enough to withstand daily beatings. A full two year warranty is also covered.

Vitapur Water Cooler and Dispenser Bottle Cover
Original price of Water Cooler and Dispenser Bottle Cover at Air & Water is $49.00 but you can have it for $37.99.

Vitapur Water Dispenser/ Refrigerator (Refurbished): Vitapur's attractive finish matches any decor. Stainless steel dispenser provides hot and cold water. High-efficiency compressor for improved cooling. Digital clock with electronic reminder for cleaning and filter change. Stainless steel reservoirs for superior long-lasting reliability.

Vitapur Water Dispenser/ Refrigerator

Original price of Water Dispenser/ Refrigerator at is $167.99.

Easy to use and user-friendly water dispensers provide convenience of accessing hot or cold water and ensures healthy living. They are available in different shapes, colors and sizes ranging from simple, sophisticated to modern designs in market.

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