Monday, January 25, 2010

Detox - A Charming Make-Over

Herbal detox dietHuman Body is one of most wonderful creation of God! It is truly amazing that how a single cell develops into a multi-organ, multi-functional human being. Although, a new born body is also as active as of an adult, then, why does skin loses its softness and shine as we grow up? Where does the tenderness of skin go? Well, answer is very simple and clear. Presence of toxins in our body results in a bad skin and other health related problems. Unhealthy lifestyle has a very bad effect on body. Presence of toxins in body fastens this deteriorating procedure. Skin bears most of the brunt as; it is most exposed organ of our body, so damages are clearly visible. Aging seems to be making quicker rounds. Skin also gives a dull look along-with acne, wrinkles and open pores. Other related problems are, frequent headaches, digestive problems and difficulty in sleeping. With time body also becomes weak and looses charm. Though, all these processes are natural but an unhealthy style of living further aggravates this process. An unpleasing look can overpower a dominating personality and can make it weak. Read More>>

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