Thursday, May 9, 2013

Top 7 Mother's Day Tech Gift Ideas for Geeky Moms!

Mother's Day is upon us! Fraying your thoughts, what to buy for mommy this year? Most of us might have decided to follow that old tradition of giving flowers, cards, or accessories. This Mother's Day why not gift her something awesome and cool? Whether your mom is a house maker or working woman, something stylish and techy is sure to woo her. With advancement in technology life is becoming better day by day. Make sure mom's lifestyle is not left untouched with new smart gadgets that will keep her connected to the world.
So, here find some awe-inspiring Mother's Day tech gifts which are sure to make mommy feel WOW:

eReader or Tablet:
If your mom is book worm, then giving her an e-reader or tablet would be most appropriate choice. This amazing tech gift just can't be deducted from list for so many reasons. It will help her stay connected to friends & family, read her favorite books, learn new cooking & home decor tips on the go, listen to her favorite music, watch videos & TV shows, and more. In-fact a feature-packed tab or ereader is going to be mom's new best friend, entertainer, guide, and accountant too. Yes! Mom can calculate monthly budget and daily expenses using it.

Voice-Controlled Coffee Maker:
Your mom might not like to fiddle with buttons of a coffee machine every time she wants one. Why not gift her a voice-controlled coffee maker this time? By simply giving voice commands, mom can prepare a hot cup of java in a minute. This coffee machine receives voice order through a perfect voice recognition system. So, hassles of getting confused with buttons is an old story, send mom this wonderful coffee machine that will make her day even brighter.

Rechargeable Power Banks:
What's worse than a condition when mom is out for work, may get late in night, and her phone's battery is completely drained? There might be another situation that mom's laptop runs out of battery when she urgently needs to prepare for a presentation on the go. Rechargeable power banks are an unbeatable solution for these and other similar problems. You can send your on-the-go-mom a Rechargeable power bank to help her gadgets keep going. Get inside...

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