Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tips to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day!

To honor the first ever candies sold in bulk "Jelly Beans;" we have National Day to celebrate it on April 22 every year. Who doesn't love these delicious candies? Not just on Easter or Halloween; these delirious treats are relished every day by people who adore it and there is no better excuse than "Jelly Bean Day" to indulge in this juicy fun.

Here are fantastic tips to celebrate Jelly Bean Day:

Make "Jelly Bean" Cakes and Cupcakes
Bake a cake of your favorite flavor and fill its center with different colored and flavored beans. Cupcakes can be a perfect choice to be decorated with these marvelous toppings. These can also be included as a part of fudge and cookies.

Make Special Drinks:
These treats can be enjoyed by adding them to drinks like tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. Drop cinnamon or vanilla flavored beans to drinks and give a yummy twist. Prepare your alcohol drink or spice up your vodka by dropping some jelly beans to it and they will relish them even more.

Decorate Home With Jelly Beans
These candies can even be used attractively as home decor. Decorate ice cream sundae glass with brown and white beans to give them a glance of ice cream. Fill mason jars with jelly beans, tie a ribbon around its neck and place it on center table to seek attention. Whether it's Christmas celebration or Easter season; you can indulge in activities of decorating Christmas or Easter tree with green and red beans. Fill Easter baskets with tasty colorful beans instead of Easter eggs. Read more...

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