Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go Green and Conserve Nature on Earth Day!

Every year 22 April is celebrated as International Mother Earth Day. It is an environmental acknowledgement event that is celebrated worldwide. It marks anniversary of Environmental Movement of 1970. This day is tribute to Mother Earth for providing its inhabitants with life and sustenance through its incredible biodiversity. The day calls for collective responsibility to promote harmony between Earth and nature to achieve balance among social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations. We all share the same planet, so it's our duty to protect it.

Environmental Issues

Our atmosphere is much more than what it looks like. There are different layers present in Earth's atmosphere, and among them is Ozone Layer. This layer is made up of specialized oxygen particles known as ozone (O3) and is a part of second major layer - Stratosphere. Ozone layer protects us from harmful ultra violet radiations of sun. Excessive use of insecticides releasing methyl bromide, and release of chemicals such as methyl chloride & ammonia from refrigerants, and chlorofluorocarbons into atmosphere are resulting in depletion of this layer. 

Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
  • Encourage use of bicycles! You can walk or ride a bicycle instead of using other automobiles; at least for nearby places
  • Plant more and more number of trees in your surroundings to combat effects of global warming and Go green.  
  • Keep environment clean and dispose of garbage the recommended way. You can keep your kitchen waste and dry waste separate for proper disposal.

On Earth Day 2013 let's take a pledge to do our part in conserving environment while encouraging others to do the same. Go Green and celebrate Earth Day with full enthusiasm.  Read more...

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