Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wireless Bluetooth Mouses - For Next Generation PC Users

Bluetooth mouse is a great invention, latest technology in the World of computer and preferred by most of the computer user. These mouses are very much suitable for computers and laptops which have Bluetooth feature in them. They are available in many models and brands.

Few famous brands are Microsoft, Logitech, Sony Vaio, HP and many more. Bluetooth mouse is very good substitute for touch pad in laptops. Some of the great features of these wireless mouses are they are light in weight, very easy to handle, highly sensitive and can be used around 10 meters from computer or laptop.

Another interesting feature of bluetooth mouse is it does not disrupt frequencies of other devices like wi-fi or cordless phone and are much better than ordinary USB receiver mouse or any other of that kind. Get these mouses which are equipped with bluetooth technology from very famous stores like Macmall,, Target and lots more.

HP Bluetooth Laser Mouse: Get high-performance wireless tracking with our Bluetooth Laser Mouse. The laser sensor lets you switch from 800 to 1600 dpi for heightened sensitivity during games and other activities. Includes a carrying pouch and two stylish covers.

HP Bluetooth Laser MouseOriginal price of HP Bluetooth Laser Mouse at Macmall is $45.99.

Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse: A mouse with dual personalities. The VGP-BMS80 Bluetooth laser mouse is the perfect addition to your VAIO PC. Featuring 800 dpi, you can cruise through your workload or browse the internet with pinpoint accuracy. Switch things up and connect this mouse to your PlayStation3 and use the top sensor to navigate menus and surf the web. Plus, with integrated Bluetooth technology, this mouse works wirelessly with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser MouseOriginal price of Sony Bluetooth Laser Mouse at Macmall is $73.99.

These bluetooth mouses are available in variety of models, designs, shapes and colors. One great feature of bluetooth mouse is their batteries, once fully charged, they stays up for about three months even when used very frequently. Don’t forget to use Macmall coupon codes available at while shopping from this store.

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