Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weight Watchers- The Secret behind Jennifer Hudson’s Weight-Loss

Jennifer Hudson in her new look Oscar and Grammy winner – Jennifer Hudson has unveiled the secret behind her new slim look! Jennifer Hudson didn't gain a huge amount of weight during her pregnancy, but it was enough to make her do a double-take when she saw a picture of herself. And now, she is looking much more fit with a perfect grooming figure, which she has gained with Weight Watchers Plan. That's right! The secret behind her weight-loss is — Weight Watchers. Hudson said she has always been happy with her curvy figure but after giving birth to her son David Daniel Otunga Jr. last August, she felt the need to take control of her body and her eating habits. Hudson says that, “I decided to try Weight Watchers because I wanted to make healthy changes, and I needed a plan that would fit in with my busy life. I'm learning so much about healthy living, and I'm proud of how far I've come.” Read More>>

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