Friday, January 29, 2010

New Anti-aging Philosophy's Product at Sephora

Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and SolutionVitamin A produces pigments in retina and also known as retinol. Retinoid is derivative on Vitamin A. Most of them are very useful in curing skin disorders. Retinoids work by increasing production of collagen, skin's supporting network.They help in increasing new cell production in skin dermis. Not only this they also stimulate hyaluronic acid production which helps in keeping skin hydrated. These are formulated in various strengths and bases. Those in moisturizing base are good for dry aging skin. Most of the formulations are also available in creams, lotions and gels.

Philosophy has a new set of anti-aging product - "Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and Solution". This product provides effective age-fighting treatment that delivers high performance retinoid (HPR) formula on single-use pads. It contains:

- 2.0 oz Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Solution

- 60 Pads Miraculous Anti-Aging Retinoid Treatment

This fresh-pour, skin-restoring elixir is formulated with next-generation HPR technology that boosts the surface-cell turnover rate without causing irritation. Loaded with antioxidants, skin conditioners, and soothing agents, this multitasking blend delivers results that can be seen within one week. Just pour the solution over the single-use pads for easy application. Discover new skin-confidence as wrinkles and discoloration fade to reveal flawless clarity and healthy radiance.

HPR works fast to deliver all of the skin benefits of a retinoid, with less potential for irritation. Its unique combination of HPR, vitamins C and E, and natural botanicals improve antiaging results and user tolerance, making this treatment suitable for all skin types.

This Miracle Worker product is available only at Sephora for $70.00.

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