Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby Blankets- Cutest Chirstmas Gift For An Angel

When it comes time to shop for Christmas, birthday, baby shower or any other occasion, there are so many options to choose from for unique baby gifts. Baby blankets gives truly unique touch with a gift that will last a lifetime, they are not only useful, practical gifts, but can also be sentimental and thoughtful options for gifting. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, designs, including customized fonts, colors, and even custom-made blankets. A small piece of cloth can be much more then a way to stay warm to young child and beginning of independence from mom-dad, learning to explore on their own.

Baby Blue Popsicle Snuggle Blanket in Choice of Size: Refreshing and soothing as a popsicle on a hot day, Baby Blye Popsicle Snuggle Blanket is a wonderful gift that both mom and baby will appreciate! Mom will adore its quality and baby will enjoy cooing and cuddling all day and night with it. Available in your choice of size.

Original price of Baby Blue Popsicle Snuggle Blanket at Post tots is $66.00 only.

Baby Blue Popsicle Snuggle BlanketBuckaroo Baby Blanket: The Buckaroo Baby Blanket beautifully pairs chocolate and ivory cow print chenille minky on one side with rich chocolate plush swirl chenille minky on other. Adorned with a cowboy appliqué featuring chocolate sueded steer head and embroidered rope lasso, this blanket will speak to hearts of all future little cowboys.

Original price of Buckaroo Baby Blanket at Post tots is $68.00 but now you can have it for $47.60 only.

Buckaroo Baby BlanketRocking Out Baby Blanket: Rocking Out Baby Blanket combines style and function with a personality of a its own, it dares to be different gift at any baby shower! With black and white checkerboard on one side and plush black swirl minky chenille on other, future little rockers with love edgy rock star appliqué on soft platinum satin, complete with electric guitar, skull and crossbones, and embroidered “Rock’N Roll” banner.

Original price of Rocking Out Baby Blanket at Post tots is $68.00 but now you can have it for $47.60 only.

Rocking Out Baby BlankeComplete your shopping for baby blankets at Post tots.

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