Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apple 3rd Generation 32GB iPod Touch- A Great Christmas Gift

Apple 3rd Generation 32GB iPod TouchiPod touch is a great iPod, pocket computer and portable game player. Listen to a mix of songs automatically put together just for you using the new Genius Mixes feature. Watch a movie or TV show on brilliant 3.5" display. Surf web, get rich HTML e-mail and update your social network profiles thanks to built-in Wi-Fi. Discover new games and apps easily with new Genius recommendations for apps. And since iPod touch now comes with latest 3.1 software already installed, you can start using fun, convenient features right out of box. It is one of best Christmas gifts this year.

Features of New iPod touch:


With room for up to 14,000 songs and up to 30 hours of audio playback time, iPod touch gives you nonstop musical entertainment. And new Genius Mixes and Voice Control features add even more ways for you to experience your music.

Genius Mixes: Now Genius feature is even more powerful. Introducing Genius Mixes. All you do is sync iPod touch to iTunes, and Genius automatically searches your library and finds songs that sound great together. Then it creates multiple mixes you’ll love. These mixes are like channels programmed entirely with your music.

Voice Control: You listen to music, and now your music listens to you. The new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models feature Voice Control. So you can tell iPod touch to play songs from a specific playlist or artist.

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic
: The new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models come with Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic, which are perfect for using Voice Memos app and Voice Control.

Movies + TV Shows
Your very own private screening awaits you on iPod touch. Watch latest film release or an episode of your favorite sitcom anytime you want. Store up to 80 hours of video and get up to 6 hours of video playback time on new iPod touch.
Widescreen Viewing: Carry hours of video with you and watch it on crisp 3.5-inch color widescreen display. Shop iTunes Store and choose from thousands of movies, TV shows, and video podcasts to load up your iPod touch. Download and watch movies with a few taps.

Onscreen Controls
: While watching your video, tap display to bring up onscreen controls. You can play or pause, view by chapter, and adjust volume. You can also use volume controls on left side of iPod touch.

iTunes: Need some entertainment for your next flight or road trip? With iTunes on your iPod touch and a Wi-Fi connection, you can buy movies and TV shows on fly.

Original price of Apple 3rd Generation iPod Touch at Target is $295.00 but now you can have it for $273.99 and save 7%.

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