Monday, December 28, 2009

Action Figures of Famous "Avatar" Movie at Entertainment Earth

Latest movie project of James Cameron, "Avatar" , is most thrilling and spectacular movie that you have ever seen before in your life. Avatar is a 3-D science-fiction epic movie. It's Cameron's first fictional film since he directed Titanic in 1997. Avatar is story of a wounded ex-marine, Jake Sully, who thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit an exotic planet which is rich in bio-diversity. Jake finds himself caught between military-industrial forces of Earth and Na’vi, forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide fate of entire world. He eventually crosses over to lead indigenous race in a battle for survival. Like most high budgeted and extremely popular films, there are a lot of Avatar movie's action figure toys being manufactured that can be used by children and collectors to reenact battle scenes seen in movie.

Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure: On a deadly but mineral-rich distant moon called Pandora, ex-Marine Jake Sully is torn between duty and honor when he finds himself caught between heavily armed forces of Earth's most powerful star-faring consortium and an exotic, noble alien race whose very existence is threatened by human invaders.

Embodying his blue, nine-foot tall avatar body, Jake is able to walk for first time in years. During sorties from Hell's Gate to Pandoran rainforest and Hometree, he gains respect for Na'vi and discovers beauty and danger of an alien world. Stands about 4-inches tall.

Avatar Jake Sully Action Figure
Avatar Tsu'Tey Action Figure: This respected Na'vi hunter and warrior for Omaticaya is famed among various Na'vi clans for his bow work atop a banshee. His surliness does not detract from his profound courage and natural leadership.

Avatar Tsu'Tey Action Figure
Avatar Neytiri Action Figure: This graceful, fierce and intelligent member of Omaticaya clan is rightfully wary of humans. Yet Neytiri has become an unlikely ambassador to earthly colonists on Pandora.

Original price of Avatar's action figures, Jake Sully, Tsu'Tey and Neytiri at Entertainment Earth is $12.99 only.

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